Unions: Screen Actor's Guild (SAG)

Height 5’11”

Weight 165

Hair: Light Brown


Eyes: Blue




Theatre Exile

“The Exonerated”

Kerry Max Cook

Ritz Theatre Co.

“A Few Good Men”

Col. Nathan Jessep

The Ritz Theatre Company



Luna Theatre Company

“How I Learned to Drive”

Uncle Peck

PCS Second Stage


Corneilus Snowe

Phila. Theater Workshop


Paul Sheldon

Players Club Swarthmore

“The Department”

Prf. Henry King

Plays and Players

"Swimming in the Shallows"


Phila. Theater Workshop

"Of Mice and Men"

George Milton

The Ritz Theatre

“The Dinner Party”

Claude Pichon

Hedgerow Theatre

“The Cocktail Hour”


Players Club Swarthmore

“The Merry Wives of Windsor”

Sir Hugh Evans

Classic Shakespeare Company

“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Randle P. McMurphy

The Ritz Theatre

“A Party to Murder”

Elwood O’Callaghan

Hedgerow Theatre

“The Cooling Board”


First World Theater Company

“Shooting Gallery”


Phila. Fringe Festival

“The Silver River”

Ira Stanley

The Brick Theatre

“Bell Book and Candle”

Shepherd Henderson

Players Club of Swarthmore

“The Arts”


Second Stage/ PCS

“A Christmas Carol”

Bob Cratchit

Hedgerow Theatre

“Murder at the Vicarage”

Lawrence Redding

Hedgerow Theatre


John Dumont

Hedgerow Theatre



Players Club Swarthmore

“While Lincoln Lay Dying”

Henry B. Phillips

The Union League of Phila

“The School for Wives”


Hedgerow Theatre

“See How They Run”

Russian Spy

Players Club of Swarthmore


“The Last Airbender”

Water Nation Villager

Paramount Pictures


Police Officer

Family Productions

“Come Hell or High Water”

William Curry

OEH Productions

“Wobble”: The Weight of the Truth

Officer McGreeds

Fat Dad Productions

“Mio Songo: My Dream”

Mr. Hicks

CamEyes Productions



Failure 149 Films


Mint Director

Terrion/National Geographic

“Missing Person’s Unit”

Terry Rapp

Story House/Court TV

“9/11 Countdown to Ground Zero”

Flight Instructor

Story House/History Channel

"Outbreak Legionnaires Disease"

Joe Adam

Lion TV- UK

“My Father’s Gun”

Detective Eddie Egan

NFL Films/History Channel

"The Noble Narwhal"

Mr. Anderson


“Justice for Her”

Defense Attorney Gay

Sulermar Films Group

“Daddy’s Girl”


ST Productions


Flame Thrower/Man

Finnegan Productions/Troma

“Fire Get Out”


Solutions with Suzanne

Commercials/Industrial Films

Conflicts upon request

Industrial Improvisation

ABC, NY, NY; Washington, DC.; Burbank, CA Met Life, Charleston, SC; Atlanta, GA
FBI, Quantico, VA Northwestern Mutual
Nike, Washington, DC American Life Insurance Co., Madison, WI
Disney, Orlando, FL, Burbank, CA Mass Mutual., Dallas, TX; Springfield, MA
ESPN, Bristol, CT, Charlotte, NC, NYC, NY, LA, CA The American College, Bryn Mawr, PA
University of Nevada, Reno, NV British Columbia, Casino Comm., Vancouver, BC
Ontario Lottery Comm. Niagara Falls, OT Honda, Columbus, OH
Gaming Commission, Lake Tahoe, NV Emerson Corp., St. Louis, MO
Bankers Life, Chicago, IL University of Chicago, IL


Introduction to Acting | Walnut Street Theater School | Denise Taylor
Commercial Acting | Walnut Street Theater School | Denise Taylor and Susan Gish
Technique & Scene Study | Walnut Street Theater School | Greg Wood
Advance Scene Study | Walnut Street Theater School | Carla Belver
Acting by Mistake/Individual Study | William Roudebush

Special Skills

Running, surfing, lacrosse, golf, tennis, expert horseman, firearms, combat, valid passport, dialects


Michael K. Hagan is native of Philadelphia . He studied acting at The Walnut St. Theater School in Philadelphia. He has been a steady performer on stage in the greater Philadelphia and New Jersey area for years. Michael has worked with such companies as The Ritz Theatre Co., The Hedgerow Theatre Co., Philadelphia Theater Workshop, First World Theater Co., Classic Shakespeare Co., and Swarthmore Players.

Theater roles include: George Milton{Of Mice and Men}, R.P. McMurphy {One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest}, Man {Shooting Gallery}, Paul Sheldon {Misery}, John{Cocktail Hour}, Shepard Henderson {Bell, Book and Candle}, and Ira Stanley{Silver River}.

TV and film credits include: Det. Eddie Eagan { My Father's Gun, The History Channel}, Flight Instructor{911 Countdown to Ground Zero, The History Channel}, Terry Rapp, (Missing Person's Unit, Court TV}, as well as numerous commercials and Independent films.

Michael is the founder of Raven Hill Productions and has produced at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.



Mike Hagan in 'Misery'...

MiseryNews Of Delaware County reviews Michael Hagan as Paul Sheldon in "Misery"

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